Historic Structures Report (HSR)

One of the basic planning documents used in the management of historic structures is the Historic Structures Report (HSR).  An HSR is prepared when proposed work on historic structures or proposed uses of a historic site might affect the qualities and characteristics that make the property eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.  HSRs are intended to be cost efficient, well defined, and professionally solid “action” documents, spanning the gap between planning and implementation. 

The National Park Service defines an HSR as:  “the primary guide to treatment and use of a historic structure…A separate HSR should be prepared for every major structure managed as a cultural resource.  Groups of similar structures or ensembles of small, simple structures may be addressed in a single report.”  Because a light station typically consists of the light tower and keepers dwelling as the primary structure with smaller support structures, a single HSR is usually completed for all of the buildings and site.    

The National Park Service Preservation Brief 43: The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports.


The following are examples of HSRs completed under the MLAP grant program.

South Haven HSR

Charlevoix HSR

Mission Pt HSR


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