Posted by: mlapgrants | July 18, 2017

Mission Point Light Station

The post-work site visit for the MLAP grant for the Mission Point Light Station occurred on the afternoon of July 13, 2017.  Members from Peninsula Township and the Mission Point Lighthouse Friends were on site for the close-out visit.

The most significant change at the site as a result of the grant was the relocation of the storage building to its historic location just east of the lighthouse.  This move helped to visually open the site and bring it closer to its configuration during the period of significance/interpretation.  The new block foundation for the storage building continues to the foundation of the lighthouse in an effort to protect the subsurface cistern, which was discovered as part of this project.  The township is currently working on a project to replace the board and batten siding so that it covers all of the exposed wood at the structure as it appeared in historic photographs.

Other grant work included the repointing of the brick piers at the lean-to addition on the south side of the structure and adding vertical wood skirting between the brick piers, a new sidewalk to the oil house, and removing built-up sand from the exterior foundation wall at the northwest corner.

The Township and the Friends have done a great job with their rehabilitation projects and keeping this historic site open and available to the public.DSCN3112DSCN3155DSCN3129DSCN3138DSCN3117DSCN3142DSCN3114


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